The Bible in America

History From its founding in 1816, the American Bible Society has grappled with the task of making the Word of God available to Christians and churches in America. From its earliest days, it has worked to provide scriptures to the men, and later women of the military, to local and international bible societies, and to translate the Holy Bible to other languages used by peoples in the United States so that they could not only possess scripture, but could understand its importance in their own lives.

Leaders Starting with a leader of the American Revolution, Elias Boudinot, John Jay, first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and going right down to the most recent president Lamar Vest, The American Bible Society has always been led by “true believers” in the Bible cause.


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Edmund Wagner

President of the American Bible Society, 1967-1984

Church Affiliation: Lutheran

Black and White Print of Edmund Wagner from a color portrait by Charles J Fox

Edmund Wagner was born January 12, 1989 in New York City. He received his LL. D. from Wagner College in 1949. He worked for William Cruikshank Sons from 1917-1922, for the Joseph Milner Co. from 1922-1938, for EF Wagner & Co. (epinomous) from 1938-1942, for the General Realty and Utility Company from 1942-1958 (serving for a time as its president) and from 1958 onward as President and CEO of the Seamen's Bank for Savings, from 1959 onward also as its Chairman of the Board.

He died in 1989.